From long time, soldiers and warriors have looked for better ways to fend off attacks and keep themselves safe from deadly weapons. Personal protection has always been a priority for anybody who is going into battle. In past, different kinds of material were used to engineer a body armour like Leather, steel and chainmail because of the conventional thinking that the harder the material the better the protection. Commonly as a weapon, swords and knives were the best choices of the attackers as they are easily available to anyone. The warriors were seeking for something that would deflect the blow.

But today, since technology is on its super advancement blades and swords are no longer common today and bullets are the biggest threat for everyone. Due to this, armor construction has changed considerably. The bulky and rigid armor made with iron, steel, leather have been replaced with much lighter-weight aramid fabrics that can be sewn together into ballistic vests and designed as concealed clothing or even made into the clothing itself to give maximum protection with comfort.

Ballistic armor is not bullet-proof actually; it is only bullet-resistant. It catches the projectile inside a tight weave of yarn known as para-aramid thread and protects the wearer. The fabric itself is not enough to stop a bullet but it gains huge grabbing power when woven tightly into tight layers. Ballistic body armor can be penetrated with a powerful enough bullet or with repeated shots. It’s not indestructible but resists the bullet and act as a barrier to the wearer’s body.

Today in market many types of aramid fabrics are available to construct the body armor which provides an excellent solution to and also facilitate easy movement.

Over the years, body armour and protective clothing has helped to save countless lives and provide added protection to people working in high risk environments such as firefighters, law enforcement officers, swats, armies and police officers. That’s why we can say that body armor is actually “life saver”.

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June 20, 2017