The Warriors have yet to decide as a team whether they’ll make the traditional champions’ visit to the White House if invited, but Stephen Curry has an idea of where he stands on the topic.

“Somebody asked me about it a couple months ago, a hypothetical, if a championship were to happen: ‘What would I do?’” Curry said Wednesday afternoon. “I think I answered that I wouldn’t go. I still feel like that today.”

Whether Golden State would accept an invitation from President Trump was a much-discussed topic on social media in the wake of the team winning its second NBA title in three seasons Monday.

After two reporters published unsubstantiated tweets after the Warriors’ Game 5 defeat of the Cavaliers that the team “unanimously” had decided to boycott a visit to the White House, Golden State released a statement Tuesday morning saying that no such decision had been made.

Still, there is reason to believe at least some of the players — many of whom publicly have derided Trump’s administration — wouldn’t want to accept an invitation.

Backup point guard Shaun Livingston said during a radio interview in February that he “definitely wouldn’t go” to the White House if the Warriors won the championship. Head coach Steve Kerr, one of the most politically conscious coaches in professional sports, has said the president’s proposed immigration ban is “against the principles of what our country is about.”

June 15, 2017