Philadelphia City Councilman David Oh is hospitalized in critical but stable condition after being stabbed during an attempted robbery outside his home in Southwest Philadelphia.

It happened after 10 p.m. Wednesday on the 5800 block of Thomas Avenue.

Police say the councilman-at-large, who has lived in the same neighborhood since the 1960s, was unloading bags from the trunk of his car when a man approached him.

The man spoke to Oh, who said he couldn’t understand what the man was saying.

Oh then asked him several questions.

That’s when, police say, the man took out a knife, demanded Oh hand over his car keys, then stabbed Oh in the left side of his body and fled.

Medics rushed the councilman to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in the city’s University City section.

Oh underwent emergency surgery overnight, and is now listed in critical but stable condition.

Before he went into surgery, authorities say, the councilman was alert and talking.

He wanted people to know he is going to be okay.

June 1, 2017

  • Anthony Papagallo

    War is coming to Europe by next Summer, the force is unstoppable now.

  • t2014

    One third of all scientific papers on Earth are written in Russian. ’nuff said.

    US can’t even make refrigerators nowadays, the only exceptions are drones and weapons. Maybe even those are probably designed by imported Indian engineers.

  • Secret Agent

    Russia’s population is growing and there are about 300,000 legal immigrants a year. Also life expectancy is increasing. I think someone has been misleading Obama.

  • Alabama Mothman

    They make more than we do. We used to make more than they do, but, our politicians sold us down the river to the jewish banking system

    • Georg Dirr

      Well, you are the worlds number 1 weapons manufacturers.

    • Carl Jones

      I think Bammy Boy was referring to war….Russia does not make war like Amerika does!

  • tomw

    Immigrants come here for the government freebies now. I also wonder if our prez ever even held a hammer in his hand.

    • joe green

      I wish MAN-chelle would take a hammer to his head, then run out into traffic.

      • Mikey John

        Both of them need to run into traffic after drinking a few beers.

  • arnieus

    OK one more time. Somebody explain to Obama that Russia did NOT cause the Ukraine “crisis”.

    • Jon

      sure they did

    • Vlad

      how do you know? do you really believe all the propaganda from putin? putin made the chaos in ukraine to get his old land back, hypocrite!

      • stonehillady

        Excuse me but he has a huge Naval Base in Crimea, what you expected him to hand that base over to Ukraine just like that ?
        Your a little thick if you think like that, I think it is you who is thick into the American Media Propaganda and it was Victoria Nuland caught on tape saying we spent 5 billion to infiltrate Ukraine to over throw their current Government, which they did after the former guy rather take an interest free loan from Russia, that an expensive bailout from IMF, he would have saved billions for the people if he went to borrow the money from Russia. Now they will pay the Piper and still the owe Russia for a past due Gas Bill in the billions

  • John Boyt

    What an outlandish stupid thing to say. Russia makes the biggest/best planes, submarines, and missiles, etc., thereby giving them an advantage as the U.S. has no longer air superiority since they made the two duds; the F22 and F35.

    • James Brown

      So true. If Russia doesn’t make anything, then why does the US depend upon them to get our astronauts up to the space station? Why are we purchasing engines from them to propel rockets? If Russia doesn’t make these things, then I guess we can stop spending that money since he just admitted we are paying for nothing.

    • Jon

      subs that sink themselves, jets they can’t give away. a capering clown dwarf for a leader…. go russia

  • isnamthere

    Yeah, at least the US still makes weapons which they sell around the world and are used to kill thousands of innocent persons. C’mon Russia, get with the plan! (sarcasm, for those who have trouble understanding such things).

    • mac12sam12

      Need a tissue?

      • isnamthere

        No, fuckwad, but I do have a nice size 11 boot for your ass.

        • mac12sam12

          Another keyboard commando! Guess I better shut up before you lose your temper!!

        • mac12sam12

          You didn’t answer my question. Need a tissue?

  • midnight2u

    tell that to the nasa who had to use russian rockets to the space station.

  • mac12sam12

    Under the Kenyan, 13 million businesses have gone bankrupt. Pretty soon we won’t make any either.

    • isnamthere

      Moron alert!

      • mac12sam12

        I hear you. Facts are so overrated.

  • Richard_Throbbin


  • Defiant

    They make Obama look like an inane court jester.

    Oh wait…he does that himself.

  • Amercan111

    Another clueless comment from the most clueless man on Earth. The same man who said only a few years ago that Russia is not a threat.

  • turtle244

    40 year old Russian fighter jets still out fly the newest of the US fighter jets. How do astronauts get to the space station ?

  • Gavincurtis

    They have a space program. We have a welfare program.

    • Amercan111

      Sad but true…

  • Skip

    1.) Immigrants are rushing to the US for opportunities to collect welfare, and immunity from criminal laws. They are being distributed nationwide to create problems everywhere.

    2.) “Russia does not make anything,” whoops the US makes even less. Try buying anything that is not made in China.

  • Mikey John

    And what does the United States make? War! The USA can’t even make Hershey’s chocolate candy.

  • johnfarmingdale

    oBUMMER hasnt made anything, but 7 trillion in debt

  • Ivan Russoff

    Wat till brics brazil, russia, india, china & south africa dump they US dollar as the reserve currency the USA will collapse like a house of cards with race riots. Obama produces alright 7 trillion in new debt since he/she took office.

  • getlostforgood

    he’s such a dipshit, sounds like a teenager with no education.

  • Actually, the Russians do make good…spaceships. Kind of trumps any sea of crappy Chevrolets with Chinese tires and Korean turn signals.

  • Archie1954

    It looks as if the Bush neocons taught Obama his diplomacy.

  • Firingwad

    I fear King Oblama more than Ebola…….Oblama destroys 24/7 365….Truly the worst pest ever

  • Firingwad

    Does stealth nuclear submarines , ICBM’s, and powerful rockets ring a bell Mr Open Borders traitor?

  • alice

    So, aside of the best electronics on earth (including old vaccum tube technology that powers the best guitar and bass amps), aside of the best fighter planes on earth, the highest-tech missles, and some of the greatest metallurgy the world has ever seen (let’s not forget their past and modern construction feats that will stand the test of time), and never mind that their production line of textiles, basic industry, and food production are close to number one. And Russian Chemists? Doctors? Some of the world’s top physicists and groundbreaking research in all of the sciences???. . . I guess once we look PAST all of that, then yeah, Russia doesn’t make anything.