Residents in a Cherokee County neighborhood are outraged after they said their homeowners’ association imposed limitations to the flying of the American Flag by residents.

“You don’t mess with my flag,” Tom Wilder said.

Wilder spent six years in the U.S. Navy. The flag he fought to defend flies proudly outside his home in the Village at Towne Lake. Recently, Wilder and every other resident in the community received an email from the HOA limiting the number of days the American Flag can be displayed outside their homes.

“They are giving us 23 days to display it,” Wilder said. “Now we won’t be able to even put it in the ground. It has to be in a flag holder attached to our houses.”

Wilder told FOX 5 News the days the HOA chose are basically holidays, but Father’s Day did not make the list.

“We should be able to put up the flag anytime we want,” Wilder said.

Neighbor Pete Rockett, also a veteran agreed.

May 25, 2017