Sean Adl-Tabatabai–Netflix documentary series ‘The Keepers‘ links Clinton campaign chair John Podesta to a high-level government pedophile ring.

The show documents a government-connected pedophile ring involving the Catholic church and the murder of a woman who was about to come forward to the police with damning evidence about the abuse committed against various children.

The show vindicates what alternative media websites have been saying for years – namely that elite pedophile rings operate within the highest echelons of government involving famous politicians and world leaders, and confirms that such scandals are systematically covered up by the powers-that-be in collusion with our media institutions.

In the show, tesimony makes reference to a man nicknamed ‘Skippy’ who was involved in Cathy’s murder. ‘Skippy’ is the nickname John Podesta used as detailed in various emails leaked to WikiLeaks. He was described as a man with brown hair and a mustache, just like the picture of Podesta below: reports: There are several e-mails of him being referred to as ‘Skippy’. Pedophile code words were also found in his e-mails and it is a strong possibility that he and his brother Tony Podesta are Luciferian pedophiles.

He was born in 1949 which would have made him 20 or so when Cathy’s tragic murder occurred. Per his Wikipedia page it says:

“John Podesta identifies himself as a Catholic and has worked closely with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United.”

John Podesta graduated from Land Tech High School in 1967 in Chicago at 18 or so and it says on his page that he completed college in 1971 in the same state of Illinois. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have traveled around though. The timeline appears to be very consistent. Almost fits like a glove. During his time in college he helped Eugene McCarthy’s candidacy to the Democratic Party.

Now here is a timeline that would have put McCarthy and the Podesta brothers in the Washington D.C. area at the time of Cathy’s murder. Just to note it is only a 30-40 minute drive from D.C. to Baltimore:

John and Tony Podesta were helping him with his campaign so I’m assuming they followed McCarthy wherever he went. This I learned from the television show ‘Scandal’ where the volunteers followed the candidate around in every state to help with various activities:

“In 1971, he [John Podesta] graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, where he had served as a volunteer for the presidential candidacy of Eugene McCarthy.”

“While studying at MIT in 1968, [Tony] Podesta left to work on the presidential campaign of Senator Eugene McCarthy, for whom he did field work and ran the scheduling advance operation in California and other states.”

I found an interview with John’s big brother Tony Podesta where he mentions traveling around the country with McCarthy:

“…and then traveled around the country with Eugene McCarthy and then later worked in the general election in that campaign…”

In the docu-series there is another man who was in Maskell’s office that participated in the abuse and traumatization of the students called Brother Bob. In this interview above there are two men named Bob; Bob Wood and Bob Squire, both are dead now. They were both heavily involved in politics and both had close ties to the presidents/candidates of their time. Tony Podesta had contact with both of them.

DN: Was Bob Wood there [at MIT] then?

TP: Yes, he was, and Ithiel de Sola Pool [Chair of the Department], the whole collection of very distinguished faculty members, interesting group of people…”

TP:  “…I got a call from Bob Squier I remember, saying, Bob called and we had this conver-, he probably had the same conversation that I had with Senator Muskie, you know, was it a good thing or a bad thing, was it a terrible thing and so forth and so on. And Bob said, “Oh no, it’s a great thing. It humanizes him; it’s fabulous.”

I did find a man, who is alive right now, named Bob Shrum who is Catholic and was adviser to John F. Kennedy and also a Democrat. He is mentioned a couple of times in the Wikileaks e-mails addressed and CC’d to John Podesta:

Here are some religious themed articles he has written:

(The Daily Beast) How ‘Religious Freedom’ Is Hurting Everyone’s Freedom

(David Mixner) Robert Shrum: Catholic Church Has A Right To Its Faith But Not To Impose It On Others

In a book written by Sydney Blumenthal, ‘The Clinton Wars’, I found an acknowledgment of John and Tony Podesta and also Bob Shrum:

“I thank especially John Podesta for his encouragement throughout.”

“I appreciate the stalwart support I recieved during these recent years from many people, including James Carville, John Emerson, Mark Penn, Tony Podesta, Bob Shrum…”

I have already been told to stop by a user on Reddit using what appears to be a throwaway account:

As we hear from those brave whistle-blowers and Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors like Cathy O’Brian the higher-levels of the government involved in pedophilia was in full swing at that time and even before that so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were involved in that. Not saying they were but I’m just throwing out suggestions and possibilities.

The following are e-mails that refer to John Podesta as ‘Skippy’:

“I also reminded her of about monuments and roadless rule from Clinton admin, and monuments under Obama. She was also really interested in hearing more about Skippy. I basically said Skippy was more legend than reality. (I hope that wasn’t off message!)”

“I am going fully Skippy on my van. The person I replaced wanted to remain a part of the team and volunteered to be our designated chauffeur. Against my protests the team agreed and we have an EXTRA person in our cramped van. I had missed it. Thanks for passing along.”

“Sounds like you’re still keeping busy and I’m glad to hear you’ve kept Skippy at bay.

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 3:57 PM, Mae Podesta <> wrote:

Gabe Podesta”

“A thin, stern-looking man in photographs, Mr. Podesta was given the moniker Skippy the Evil Twin by the staff when he was in a bad mood, according to his brother, Tony Podesta, chairman of the Podesta Group, an influential lobbying and public-affairs firm. Twenty years ago, the two brothers started what has become one of Washington’s most successful firms of its kind, originally called Podesta Associates.”

Per the Wikileaks e-mails he and his brother were invited to a session of what is called ‘spirit cooking’ which involves Luciferian blood rituals with a woman named Marina Abramovic.

I would also like to draw attention to the Jonny Gosch case which also has its own documentary on Netflix. Little Jonny was kidnapped and the investigation by the police was very similar to the situation in Baltimore.

Evidence was lost or misplaced, and Jonny was sexually abused by high-level people in the government; Bush and other politicians. It is being revealed now that there is an international, industrialized effort to procure, sexually abuse, ritually torture, sacrifice and dispose of children on a global level.

Dr. Phil aired an episode featuring a woman who lived through this life. I highly recommend looking into that. She said she was abused by politicians, judges, CEOs, Royal Family members and more. Below is the full episode:

May 29, 2017

  • frankw

    Since these pedos are so deeply imbedded in the system, how do we get them out? Public exposure? Their crimes are covered up by a complicit media. Is it time for vigilante action? That’s a scary thought.

    • solejahway

      That’s a good question being as these a**hats make the laws, judge us, etc. Think about it, when I was fighting for my now safe (knock on wood) kid, in PA at that time, (circa 2007- 2011), the law stated that; any parent busted with one or more marijuana plant or plants would have had their parental rights terminated. TERMINATED, BUT NOT if the state’s own Children and Youth found a parent guilty of raping their child (they’d have to be found guilty of the rape in criminal court to have their rights terminated. So what’s the purpose of Children and Youth if their opinion doesn’t matter?). Let that sink in for a second. “They,” aka The Establishment, have made it as such that they can and will pop any of us for a plant and or dried leaves, something physically tangible, undeniable, yet for raping an infant, toddler or child, well, that is not “tangible,” even with supporting medical and or criminal evidence! At least in PA. These commie, masonic and zionist scumbags, who have created the laws, made them to protect the most violent (usually them) and to use against the most innocent (usually US). And trying to find people from within The Establishment to fight that (which is what we need)? Jesus, no one’s going to risk their kids lives, their money, or livelihood for any of US. And if they do try, well, just look at Kathleen Kane.

      • Mycroft Holmes IV

        Jury nullification. Constitutional right. First day on jury, hand out personal constitutions. We need to take our rights back and hold elected officials accountable. We have the power.

    • UncleMikey515

      As scary as letting these people keep raping children?

    • Really?

      Q said there will come a day when they will not be able to walk the streets. That goes for the MSM too because they have been actively covering up for these pedophiles and placing targets on our POTUS. I hope those days are upon us SOON!

    • steve p

      its time to get on the streets and protest ,

  • PatrickandMichelle Lane

    Skippy’s day of reckoning is coming soon.

  • Really?

    Now comes the PAIN. Q said NSA Vs. CIA. We are in a spiritual battle.

  • Really?

    For decades, The Deep State Cabal has been placing pedophiles in positions of power: Presidents, Senators, congressmen, judges, sheriffs, detectives, police officers, priests, ministers, teachers, CEOs of corporations, child welfare organizations, NGOs, etc.

  • Sean Adl-Tabatabai is a serious Warrior exposing elites like Podesta. Those people have CIA type murder protecting them. They take down federal judges and passenger airplanes to protect their secrets and depravity. Now, it all falls apart thanks to too many warriors to kill.

  • Shaun Ragland

    I have a book called TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA, all about Cathy O’Brien and CIA mind control !
    Pretty scary shit !

  • Brad Clary

    This is a war of principalities. It IS GOOD vs. EVIL. Get right with God people. HE is about to rain down some very, very heavy rain.

  • tom engel

    Please God- in Jesus Name,take anyone hurting kids DOWN.Please Father. NOW Amen

  • Pamela Hunter

    Before it is all said and done, people will learn a new word. Pedovore. Calling him a pedophile is being kind. Most of DC and Hollywood are owned and run by these guys. They are New World Order… they plan to rule the world. They are Luciferian ILLUMINATI Pedovores…. they do it for power from Lucifer.

  • Nothingman

    Skippy. Warning it will set you on Fire.

  • LizTheApe

    Y’all are really being taken for a ride with this horse shit. Podesta supposedly having dark hair and a mustache in 1971 proves nothing. How many hundreds of men had dark hair and mustaches in 1971? And I cannot believe how deluded this whole “timeline” argument is. It would remotely (very remotely) make sense if not for the fact that McCarthy’s campaign this refers to ended in 1968. Why the fuck would the Podestas be following McCarthy around for a presidential campaign a year after it ended? Honestly, the second you apply some minimal critical thinking to this crap, it all falls apart.